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Bangalore International Film Festival – BIFFES



  • To make the film Festival appealing to all movie buffs instead of a select narrow crowd.
  • To position Biffes as a national level initiative at par with the Goa International Film Festival



The only vernacular press was interested. A broad appeal and interest toward BIFFES was lacking


  • The ambiance and feel of the festival were elevated to a more sophisticated level by shifting the venue from Press Club
  • A highly evocative exhibition of stills and photographs was organized to showcase the growth and development of Kannada cinema in 75 years
  • Exclusive seminars on the creative and academic facets of cinema were organized to increase the footfall to the festival
  • Book Releases on Popular yesteryear tinsel town artists like Rajkumar and Saroja Devi by well-known authors were arranged
  • Created a face to the festival by bringing Girish Kasaravalli to the forefront
  • Visiting International Producers and Directors were highlighted through interactions with media on all days
  • Similar interactions were arranged with Indian producers and directors
  • Facilitated recall of all dignitaries from the film fraternity through the media activities
  • Luminaries like Yeddyurappa, Shanta Ram, and all popular artists from regional cinema like Ramesh Aravind were highlighted endorsing the festival
  • Identification and recognition of the film celebrities prior to the screening of every movie was instrumented to generate publicity
  • Daily intimation to the media on the day to day wrap up was carried out



  • Generation of phenomenal media exposure catapulted Bengaluru Film Festival to the league of the Celebrated Goa Film Festivals
  • Daily exhaustive media exposure resulted in unaccomodatably packed houses at all screens
  • Created awareness and unparalleled recall of Suchitra film society’s initiatives
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