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QlikView – Case Study

QlikView – PR for business intelligence



As QlikTech was coming fresh in Indian Markets the biggest challenge was to establish and sustain the name “QlikTech” amongst the target audience

Strategy :

  • Press Conference for announcing the Indian Operations and the Launch of QlikView Version 9.0
  • One to One Interview with select publications
  • Consistent Lead Qualification Activity
  • Participation in the industry expositions and creating high visibility sponsorship programs
  • Customized International and Regional Press Releases dissemination to Trade and Mainline media
  • Created credibility based on the case studies developed such as Aditya Birla Minacs, Canon, and more.


Result :

  • Generated extensive Print, Online, and Television coverage
  • Gained high visibility by highlighting the association with large Indian Companies
  • Gained awareness in the trade circle


Corporate Communication:

Simultaneously, Lead Generation Activity has achieved both immediate qualified leads and long-term brand enhancement.

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